SCCA Solo (Autocross) - Fernandina Beach Airport Jan 25th

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SCCA Solo (Autocross) - Fernandina Beach Airport Jan 25th

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Autocross event at the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport on Amelia Island Jan 25th.

Autocross is a good way to run your car hard in a safe environment. There are no concrete walls, curbs, or light poles. There is a runway and orange cones. If you really get crazy and go off, it is grass. There are never more than two cars on the course at a time and they are nowhere near each other. This is a great place to learn your car and your driving abilities. You don't need to be Mario Andretti, and you will soon come to the realization that you are not. You will be surprised at how much there is to learn about handling your car on the edge. If it were up to me, I would make it mandatory for Cobra owners to attend 3 of these events before being let loose on the streets.

You can run as hard as you are comfortable with. You can go easy if you want, or do an all out attack on the course. You can go on your own, or you can have an instructor ride with you. There is a novice walk to show you how to read the course and to give you some pointers. This is a friendly competition event. It is all about having fun. You usually will be in 2nd gear for the whole run. If you don't think that is fast enough for you.....think again. After you know what you are doing, you will drive harder than you ever have on the street or even on a track.

Dennis and I are regulars, so there are usually two Cobras running. It would be nice to have a few more. The people are a very friendly bunch of car guys and gals. They love our cars. Dennis and I often have passengers.

If you're not so sure about all this, you are welcome to come and watch. I and pretty much anyone there will be happy to take you for a ride.

What do I need to bring?
1. Yourself, wearing close toed shoes. I know its Florida, but I'm sure you have a real pair of shoes in the closet somewhere. No flip-flops. Wear any color you want except for RED. We use red flags to stop cars on course and don't want someone catching a red shirt out of the corner of their eye and hitting the brakes. There are loaner helmets, so you don't need to bring one. If you have one, it needs to be one of the two latest Snell ratings, 2010 or 2015. It can be a motorcycle or automotive helmet. A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are a good idea.

2. Lunch. There is no food on site, so bring filet mignon and lobster with a light hollendaise- truffle sauce.......or a PB&J if that is easier. They generally have bottled water on site.

3. A car that can pass a basic tech inspection. Good wheel bearings, a battery that is properly secured, no major leaks, working seat belts, and tires that don't show the cords. I take my cosmetic spinners off. If yours are lock-wired, they will be OK. If you have real ones, bring your hammer.

How it works?
We are are driver / volunteers so we drive and work. Generally there are two run groups. You drive during one and work the other. Work consists of standing on the side of the course, watching for cone strikes, and replacing any knocked over cones. More experienced people handle radios, flags, timing and working the grid.

You can register on-site, or go here and save $5 and save a little time upon arrival - ... cca-251758

Our cars class is CAM-S (Classic American Muscle - Sport).

If you are not an SCCA member, there is a $15 weekend membership fee. If you join the SCCA, you will get a credit.

Dennis and I meet for breakfast at 7:00am at Marche Burrette - 85 Amelia Village Cir, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034. This is at the Omni village, right off of A1A. A pretty basic breakfast menu, Pete's coffee, and it is close to the track.

PM me if you want my email and phone #. I'll be happy to answer any questions and give some tips.

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