An up and down day

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An up and down day

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Sense it's been too quiet 'round here this was my day.

I had a defective Harbor Freight die grinder needing to be exchanged andu I figured it would be a nice ride in the Cobra.
I keep my truck in front of the shop garage door often. It keeps it out of the sun and would keep someone from getting the Cobra out if they broke in. So I get in to start the truck, here is where the down part starts.
It turns over but no start. It has never done this before and of course it was running when I parked it there. After several attempts I decide it's broken :GR::
No idea if it's fuel pump or relay, or spark so I get the scan reader and hook it up. Well it cycles for a while then told me it can't find the ECU.

As I walk around the garage trying to think how to either get someone to come over with a better scan reader or how to get it towed. Along with now it is blocking the garage exit while being dead so I can't get the Cobra out. I have a moment of clarity.
18 or so years ago I installed a Diablo performance chip (you Ford guys have heard of them I'm sure). So off I go to figure out how to remove it. (It was nearly 20yrs sense I put it in). I pull the ECU and remove the chip. Sure enough it fires right up. ..]
That is an up.

So...truck moved, Cobra out and off to HF I go. Nice day and I have my Red Santa hat on and head toward the interstate. I'm being laid back and chilling after the truck event and hanging in the slow lane in 5th gear (OD). Well before long I need to pass a slower car (I am still a Cobra driver after all) at around 60mph or so and accelerat reasonably hard.
As most of you know I've been busy with the Triumph build and haven't driven it for a month. All at once the engine revs up way faster than I'm going. So first thing I figure is that the really small oil leak must be getting on the clutch.

As I continue on to HF my mind is running full speed thinking about pulling the motor to get to the clutch. But then I promised myself that if I pulled the motor again I would replace the T5 transmission with a stronger one. But I haven't quite saved up enough $$$ quite yet.
This is another down😩

I get the grinder exchanged and head back onto the interstate and find a clear spot and try to duplicate the problem.
Sure enough at around 65mph in OD as the cam comes in the motor revs up again.

..] only this time I smell the tire smoke 😍
This is an UP

I knew that at 80mph or so in 4th it would break the tires loose. I never expected it to spin the tires in overdrive at those low RPM's.

All in all a good day I guess.

Sorry if you find this too long. If you do I suggest you don't read it. ~~:OO:

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Re: An up and down day

Post by BlackSnake »

Skinning the baloneys in OD with 3.08 final drive gears is very impressive Ken... ^:)^

I'd be ecstatic if I could spin my tires in 3rd, not a chance in 4th or 5th... :roll:
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