Transmission info

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Transmission info

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I've spoken a few times that I felt that my Hybrid T-5 transmission was just on the ragged edge of holding on. A full WC T5 is only rated at 300ftlb and I am way over that. I have rebuilt it twice with some upgraded parts but I still have a gear clash when up shifting into 2nd quickly.
I was just ready to pull the trigger on a TKO600 when I caught a reference to the TKX. ..]

It hits all the buttons on what I was looking for.
It has a smaller foot print. (with how far I have set my engine back the trans tunnel is a bit narrow)
It has the carbon fiber synchronizers
It has a little taller gear ratio in the forward gears
It will take 600ftlb torque
I see one in my near future.
Here is a short video on it:
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Re: Transmission info

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You do know the definition of the word "pioneer" is "the guy with all the arrows in his back." Just sayin'

BTW, have you looked here: ... ssion.html

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